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KittyWalk Original SUV Stroller Review

The Kittywalk Systems Company was born in 2001 and their first product was a lawn enclosure for cats. They have since created strollers, many more outdoor enclosures and indoor pet products. Their products have been featured in the New York Times, on CBS News and the Today show, to name a few, and they are located in New York.Original SUV Pet Stroller

The Original Stripe was their first pet stroller and they later created a “Sport Utility Vehicle” version of this stroller as well as three others in their pet stroller line. The SUV strollers are 30% larger than their counterparts, with the Original SUV carrier compartment measuring 31”L x 16”W x 20”H.

The Kittywalk Original SUV arrives in one box and does have a moderate level of assembly required. You need to attach the rear axle and the front wheels, but also insert the rods for the cabin. The cabin itself fits right on top of the bottom sling of the stroller frame and then you just need to attach two bungee cords to secure the cabin to the frame. Unless you have a pet that is going to throw itself all over the cabin, you shouldn’t have a problem with the cabin moving off of the frame. The frame folds down quite quickly, but the cabin requires a little more work. The cabin carrier is removable from the frame. This is convenient for times you just want to carry your pet, like into the car and to the vet.

The cabin is half covered in a colorful, but not too bright, striped green, red, blue and yellow fabric. This is nice when your pet wants to get out of the sun. In my case, a dog barked at my cat and he decided to hide in the covered half of the cabin for awhile. The other half has a web-style soft fabric that allows your pet to see all around. It could be a problem if your cat or dog likes to scratch at the webbing, but it appears to be strong enough to sustain some clawing.

The front and back doors have a metal and leather clasp securing it. This is more convenient than utilizing a zipper system.Original SUV Pet Stroller

This stroller has independently turning, 8-inch, wheels that make it very easy to push. This is a sturdy pet stroller and the craftsmanship is commendable.  The stroller handle is 36 inches high, which certainly is a comfortable pushing height. However, if you are taller than six feet then this handle height may be a little short for you. Kittywalk recommends that a pet weighing more than 50 pounds shouldn’t ride in this stroller. My cat is 19 pounds and I could certainly see carrying a pet that weighs at least twice as much as him in this stroller. Overall, this is a well-designed pet stroller that leads to a very pleasing experience for the pets who ride in it.