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KittyWalk Stroller Weather Cover

Kittywalk pet strollers are in a class of their own. Each of the pet strollers in their fleet has a removable carrier. The carriers do not have zippers, they have a metal and leather clasp system that they call “escape-proof.”  The stroller frames are sturdy but not too heavy. The carriers also function as a car seat. The soft mesh on the cabins give your pet perfect views of the outdoors. If your pet likes a little privacy, however, her/she can head to the rear of the stroller where it is covered.


Kittywalk also boasts an uncommon feature for some of their strollers, a weather cover. This is just not simply a weather cover, this is an all-season weather protector!

For rainy days, the waterproof rain cover will protect your pet. For sunny/hot days, the canvas sunshade awning is your solution. And for chilly fall and winter days, the cozy faux sheepskin cozy cover and pad will insulate your pet.

kwpsaw79_1 carriers a variety of Pet Strollers.

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My Cat Wants To Go Outside

There are many negatives to allowing your cat to roam freely outdoors:

  • Your cat might get injured or killed by other cats, dogs, wild animals or vehicles.
  • Your cat might become a nuisance to neighbors by digging up plants, fighting with other animals or going to the bathroom in gardens.
  • If your cat is not spayed or neutered then it is likely that a lot of kittens will be born and end up in shelters.

Many cats do long to go outside, but this is generally frowned upon by most animal behaviorists. A simple solution to getting your cat some fresh air is to get a pet stroller.kwps700suv_1


KittyWalk is a company that specifically created pet strollers for cats. Each of the strollers in their line has a removable pet carrier. Having a detachable carrier is convenient for trips to the vet. You won’t have to take your cat out of the carrier until you return home from your trip.

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How to Get Your Dog to Like a Stroller

Some dogs leap right into strollers and car seats, while others are much more cautious.

My first suggestion is to open up the stroller, put the brake on, and set it in a room where your dog is likely to explore it. Be sure the brake is on so he’s not frightened by any movement. Let him sniff it, walk around it, look inside it and generally try to figure it out. You can place a chair next to it, so he can jump up and hopefully go inside the stroller. Strollers that have a lower point of entry are sometimes more inviting because they can just be unzipped.

Consider putting you dog’s bed inside the cabin of the stroller, a favorite toy and/or a small treat. When it seems like your dog is somewhat comfortable sitting inside the stroller, take him for a stroll around the room.

Allow your dog to investigate and get used to the stroller for a few days to a week. This is usually all it takes for your dog to like a stroller.


KittyWalk and many other stroller brands can be found at:

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Stroll in Gangnam Style!

The uber popular song, “Gangnam Style” refers to a very affluent district in the city of Seoul. People who live in Gangnam are ahead of the trends and extremely fashionable. The word Gangnam is a slang term that roughly equates to the English term “swag.” If you live in Gangnam, traveling around town with your dog in a pet stroller is certainly chic.

There are many US cities where traveling around with a small pet is common, and made easy with the use of pet strollers. There are several pet strollers designed for the fashion conscious pet owner.

PetZip Monogram is a multi-purpose stroller with a treat, bowl and dog bone pattern on the fabric. Measuring 19 inches wide, this stroller will easily fit into doorways and store isles.  The swiveling front wheel makes it easy to push and navigate with one hand.  There is a roomy storage area underneath the main pet compartment. This stroller is for pets up to 45 pounds.

Pet Ego makes the Quadro Stroller Frame which is meant to be used with the Pod ILove Carrier. This is the ultimate in Gangnam style for pet strollers. This is a lightweight, easily maneuverable stroller that can hold a maximum of 15 pounds, between the upper and lower tiers. The Pod ILove carrier easily attaches to the stroller frame and can be removed to simply be a pet carrier.


KittyWalk makes the Royale Classic stroller and the Royale Classic SUV, which is 30% larger, with fabric that looks like designer luggage. Kitty Walk is known for making pet strollers that have a 360 degree view for their passengers. The carrier can be removed and it has a faux leather handle. The front wheels swivel for easily maneuvering with one hand.