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How Pet Strollers Help Injured Dogs Recover

If you are a person used to being active, then an injury that sidelines you for weeks or months can really take a toll on your mental health. Being physically limited, or stuck on the sofa, might leave you feeling down or even depressed. Over time you feel tired due to inactivity and your muscles suffer some atrophy. A positive mental attitude is one piece of a successful, speedy recovery from an illness or injury.

We can make the leap and say this phenomenon exists in animals as well. A dog that is cooped up in the house for 4-6 weeks while recovering from an injury or surgery will probably experience a type of depression. Dogs are used to walking around and exploring the outdoors. Your dog doesn’t understand what is going on; he just knows he can’t do what he usually does each day.Injured Dog

It’s important to get your dog outside for fresh air in order to keep his spirits high. In addition, dogs that are temporarily immobile will prefer to be with you as much as possible. Getting your dog outside is easy with the use of a pet stroller. There are people who use a pet stroller on a daily basis, and others who put it to use temporarily. The compartment floor of a pet stroller is lined and padded for the comfort of a recovering pet. They are sturdy vehicles where your pet feels safe even when shifting positions inside the compartment. Many pet strollers have large, air-filled tires which create a smooth ride, especially over uneven terrain.

Just as your dog loves to stick his head out of the car window, he can safely poke his head out of a pet stroller. There is at least one tether inside the cabin so your pet’s leash can be attached. Your dog will get to enjoy the breeze on his face while riding in a pet stroller. Getting into a pet stroller is uncomplicated. If you have a larger pet, you will probably choose a stroller with a door closer to the ground. This way your dog can easily step in, or you may have to provide minimal assistance to get him inside the cabin. Small and medium-sized pets can easily be lifted into any style of NV

Many pets become distressed when left alone at home for long periods of time. And if you have a dog that is injured then he may have extra stress. Some dogs will chew or lick the affected area if left alone too long. A pet stroller allows you to take your pet with you, even if just for a short errand trip. A stroll around the block gets your pet out of the house and hopefully feeling better soon.


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Pet Strollers that Ride Close to the Ground

There are several reasons you might want a pet stroller that rides close to the ground. These strollers, and bike trailers, are often designed to carry a large dog, more than 75 pounds. The most popular breed of larger dog that strollers are bought for are bulldogs!

  1. Larger pets can be harder to push or pull in a pet vehicle and it is easier to steer the vehicle when it sits closer to the ground.
  2. Larger pets also tend to shift positions inside the cabin making it more difficult to keep the pet stroller from veering off to one side or the other. Pet strollers designed to carry heavier dogs have reinforced cabins so that veering is kept to a minimum. Doggyride makes a jogger-stroller that has a wheel alignment system, which does a great job of keeping the stroller from veering.
  3. Many times people purchase a pet stroller for their larger dog who is no longer able to exercise as much, or has been injured. Cabins that sit closer to the ground make it easier for the larger pet to get inside. Many times the larger pet feels more comfortable in a moving stroller that has a lower point of gravity.drjog

DoggyRide is a top-rated pet stroller company that caters to the larger pet. The Novel and Original strollers will carry pets up to 100 pounds. They offer the standard stroller, the Original, and more lightweight version, the Novel. Each of these strollers also comes in the jogger-stroller version, with the wheel alignment system.

Pet Gear has two low-riding pet strollers, the Expedition (up to 150lbs) and the Roadster (up to 100lbs). The Expedition is popular because it travels on 4 wheels, fully balancing a larger dog that may decide to shift positions inside the cabin.PG8800-Expedition-Pet-Stroller-Dog

Pet Ego has the Comfort Wagon bike trailer that can be converted to a pet stroller with the optional strolling kit. This is a luxury wagon with its large, air-filled tires and its ability to carry up to 165lbs.

Solvit Products also makes a medium and a large Houndabout bike trailer. Each of these trailers can be converted to a stroller with the optional kit. These trailers can carry up to 110lbs and were recently redesigned with aluminum frames.Solvit_Trackr_Houndabout_2_Stroller_Kit-Red_1 carries a wide variety of pet strollers

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Best Big Dog Strollers

Is it crazy to put a large dog in a stroller? I would say it depends on the circumstances. The following are examples of this type of owner:

  • A marathon ┬árunner, who runs with her two young Labradors, needed a stroller so that her 13-year-old Lab didn’t have to stay at home.
  • A woman who had recent surgery on her shoulder was worried her large dog would re-injure her shoulder by pulling on the leash. She needed a stroller to get to the dog park.
  • One fellow adopted a dog with three legs. The dog loved to run around, but couldn’t make it the length of the trail. He just puts his rescue dog in the stroller when he gets tired.

Important features to look for in a large dog stroller:

  • A cabin that is close to the ground, therefore it has a lower center of gravity. Many large dogs are less anxious riding closer to the ground.
  • Large, air-filled tires. Rear tires that are at least 12 inches and filled with air mean a more comfortable ride for the large dog.
  • A good view. If your big dog prefers to lie down, then side windows are key. If your dog likes to sit up, then a sunroof will make him happy.

There are only a few dog strollers that are durable enough to carry a larger dog in comfort. DoggyRide makes the Original and Novel Strollers and the Original and Novel Jogger-Strollers.

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The DoggyRide strollers have air-filled rear wheels that are 20 inches in diameter. They have a side bar that locks into place to prevent the dog from leaning into the moving tires. The cabin is close to the ground and there are windows on the front and sides of the cabin.

Solvit redesigned their Houndabout Trailers this year and they are now constructed of a lightweight aluminum. There is a medium that holds dogs up to 50 pounds, and a large size that will carry up to 110 pounds. What is important to understand about the Solvit Houndabout Trailer is that the only way to make it a stroller is to buy the trailer and then add the stroller conversion kit.

Houndabout Trailer


The PetEgo Comfort Wagon is a bike trailer that also requires the purchase of the conversion kit in order to use it as a stroller. The PetEgo Comfort Wagon has a medium and a large size which will carry pets up to 165 pounds.