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Farting Dogs

Certainly all dogs have the capability of passing gas, and this can be due to one of several circumstances. First, your dog might be eating too many table scraps. Or, he might just be swallowing too much air when he eats. It’s also possible he might have trouble digesting carbohydrates.

It’s quite enjoyable to blame any foul smell on the dog, but sometimes it is true! After polling a multitude of friends, acquaintances and relatives, plus consulting several web sources, the following dog breeds have been found to fart the most:dog farting



1. Watchful and oh, so loyal, the German Shepherd feels free to let them fly whenever and wherever!

2. Intelligent and perfect family dogs, the short-snouted Pug regularly makes stinks.

3. The playful and energetic Boxer can clear a room in a heartbeat.

4. The Bulldog, oh, the Bulldog. Very gassy.

5. The Labrador Retriever is a well-known gas-bag. They need plenty of exercise and possibly a change in diet if this seems to be a problem for your Lab.


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