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Dog Strollers With a Weather Cover

Winter seems likes it is going to last forever. With snow on the ground in 48 states, what else are you to believe? Cold rain and snow means you need to cover up your pets when taking them for a stroller walk or run. They like the wind and rain even less that you do!little_dog_running_snow

There are dog strollers that come with a weather cover and others that require a separate purchase.

DoggyRide pet strollers and bicycle trailers require a separate purchase of a weather cover. All of the high quality cabins in the DoggyRide line have this accessory available.

The PetZip Happy Trailer comes with a weather cover. This is a versatile pet stroller that also comes with a bike tow bar so you!/PetZip/c/20858323can quickly change it into a pet bicycle trailer.

Pet Gear has a variety of strollers with a weather cover available for purchase separately:  Sportster,  Special Edition,  Happy Trails,  AT3, and the Jogger. The No-Zip NV Stroller has the weather cover included with the purchase price.at3 raincover

Pet Ego has the Comfort Wagon pet bicycle trailer that has an optional weather cover for purchase. This is the only stroller with this option.

Most pet strollers do have windows that can be zippered closed so your pet is protected from the elements. Or, there is a canopy that does a good job protecting your pet from the rain. So no matter which pet stroller you choose, there will be some protection. But if you plan to go on a long journey, it is nice to have the option of a weather cover just in case!


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