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Save Your Spine and Roll Your Pet

The American Chiropractic Association advises us not to carry a bag that weighs more than 10% of our body weight. That means if you weigh 150 lbs, then your bag shouldn’t weigh more than 15 lbs. The problem these days is that people, especially women, carry larger and larger shoulder bags to accommodate their ever-increasing list of must-haves including cell-phone, laptop, make-up, chargers and don’t forget pets. Carrying a bag that weighs more than 10% of your body weight causes unnatural movements of your upper and lower body, causing strain and possibly pain.

PetZip Royal Stripe City Buggy
PetZip Royal Stripe City Buggy

Many people are choosing not to worry about fashion and are using backpacks and wheeled carriers to transport their items from place to place. However, backpacks are only a solution if your wear both straps and secure the pack snugly to your back.

When it comes to carrying pets, the shoulder bag is the most commonly seen mode of transport, but carrying your furry friend all day can get uncomfortable for you and for your dog. Modern pet strollers and wheeled carriers are now fashionable as well as functional. Your dog has more room to stretch out, lie down and turn around in a pet stroller, than he or she does in a shoulder carrier. Many pet strollers have removable carriers so your dog can easily be moved to the car, the vet or the airplane.

PetEgo Sport Trike Stroller
PetEgo Sport Trike Stroller

Lighten the unbalanced load on your back and neck and invest in a pet stroller or wheeled carrier for your favorite little buddy. Keeping your muscles and spine healthy is one key part to remaining active and pain-free.


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Stroll in Gangnam Style!

The uber popular song, “Gangnam Style” refers to a very affluent district in the city of Seoul. People who live in Gangnam are ahead of the trends and extremely fashionable. The word Gangnam is a slang term that roughly equates to the English term “swag.” If you live in Gangnam, traveling around town with your dog in a pet stroller is certainly chic.

There are many US cities where traveling around with a small pet is common, and made easy with the use of pet strollers. There are several pet strollers designed for the fashion conscious pet owner.

PetZip Monogram is a multi-purpose stroller with a treat, bowl and dog bone pattern on the fabric. Measuring 19 inches wide, this stroller will easily fit into doorways and store isles.  The swiveling front wheel makes it easy to push and navigate with one hand.  There is a roomy storage area underneath the main pet compartment. This stroller is for pets up to 45 pounds.

Pet Ego makes the Quadro Stroller Frame which is meant to be used with the Pod ILove Carrier. This is the ultimate in Gangnam style for pet strollers. This is a lightweight, easily maneuverable stroller that can hold a maximum of 15 pounds, between the upper and lower tiers. The Pod ILove carrier easily attaches to the stroller frame and can be removed to simply be a pet carrier.


KittyWalk makes the Royale Classic stroller and the Royale Classic SUV, which is 30% larger, with fabric that looks like designer luggage. Kitty Walk is known for making pet strollers that have a 360 degree view for their passengers. The carrier can be removed and it has a faux leather handle. The front wheels swivel for easily maneuvering with one hand.