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Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller

pggreen2Pet Gear has put out a quality version of a double pet stroller and it is now available! What makes it different? The most prominent features include:

  • Stroller holds up to 90 pounds of pet
  • The cabin is 7 inches wider than the NV, Jogger and AT3
  • It has a double front wheel for stability and easy steering
  • It comes with a plush comfort pad, a weather cover and a tire pump

Even though this is a larger stroller, it is not difficult to fold. The button is on the handle bar and will collapse the stroller using one hand. The Double stroller will fit in the back of most cars, and it will fit through most doorways (it is about 34 inches wide when open). The front wheel swivels, but can be locked in place if you decide you want to jog with your pets. One pet will ride like a king and multiple pets will ride in comfort. There are two leash connectors inside the cabin. This pet strollers has the popular No-Zip feature that eliminates zippers from the enclosure. Quickly unlatch the mesh “door” when putting your pets inside the cabin, or taking them out. The Double comes in two colors: Boysenberry and Pine Green.



Pet Gear pet strollers are available, on sale, at

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Two New Pet Gear No-Zip Strollers

pgnzjogThe popularity of the Pet Gear No-Zip pet strollers is overwhelming. The NV, Special Edition and Happy Trails strollers all have the No-Zip feature. The hidden bar around the edge of the pet compartment creates a comfortable paw rest for the pet who likes to look out of the stroller. Instead of a zipper enclosing the pet compartment, there is a latch that closes it. Many people feel that the latch is quicker and easier to get a pet in and out of the stroller, compared to a zipper.

Pet Gear has just released the Jogger and the AT3 with the No-Zip feature. Interestingly, the cabin size is the same size  (30″L x 13″W x 22″H) for the Jogger, AT3 and the NV. The differences are the following:

  • The NV weight limit is 75 pounds. It comes with an air pump and a weather cover. Stroller height to handle is 42 inches.
  • The Jogger weight limit is 70 pounds. It comes with an air pump. Stroller height to handle is 41.5 inches.
  • The AT3 weight limit is 60 pounds and has “never-flat” EVA tires. Stroller height to handle is 41.5 inches.



These strollers and other Pet Gear products can be found at


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Best Pet Strollers In Winter

Snowy, slushy roadways make traveling on foot unpleasant. When you’re pet comes along then you will want a pet stroller that can go in the snow. First, any pet stroller will travel over snow-covered roads, but some will do so more easily than others.

Probably the biggest consideration for a winter pet stroller is the tires. Strollers with larger, air-filled tires are easier to maneuver over rough terrain than are ones with small wheels. This will include pet Jogger Strollers and strollers that ride close to the NV

Pet Gear and Gen7Pets both make durable pet jogging strollers that are perfect for winter weather.  The Pet Gear No-Zip NV stroller is a three-wheeled vehicle with 12 inch air-filled tires. The NV comes with a weather cover. The front wheel can be locked or remain in the swivel position. Many people find it easier to navigate over rough terrain when the front wheel is in the locked position. The Jogger stroller, also made by Pet Gear, has 12 inch air-filled tires and a front wheel that can be locked.

Gen7Pets recently added a Jogger to their stroller line. It has a front locking wheel. Even though the tires of this jogger are not air-filled, they are larger and able to handle uneven road conditions.Gen7Pets-G7-Jogger

Doggyride strollers ride close to the ground and are easy to steer. The large, air-filled tires also make it easy for owners to push their way through snowy roads. The mini stroller has 12 inch tires, and the Novel and Original strollers have 20 inch tires.

Solvit makes the medium and large size houndabout bike trailers. Both of these trailers can be converted to a stroller with an optional strolling kit. The Solvit bike trailers have large, air-filled tires and ride close to the ground. carries all the strollers mentioned above.