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Choosing Between the Pet Gear Traveler Bags

PG1280OBThe Pet Gear carrier bags have multiple uses, making them very popular pet accessories. The I GO Traveler series includes four carriers: The I-GO2, I-GO2 Escort, I-GO2 Sport, and I-GO Plus Traveler.

All four carriers can be used as a roller bag by extending the telescoping handle. They can be used as a car seat when you thread the seat belt through the seat belt straps on the back of each carrier. You also need to extend the carrier strap and put it around the head rest, securing it on both sides of the carrier. They have straps tucked into the back that can turn the carrier into a backpack. Attach the carry strap to the outside rings to make it a shoulder carrier. Finally, you can carry the bag as a tote.

The main difference between the bags is the size and the amount of weight each carrier can hold. The Escort and the Sport both hold up to 15 pounds, while the I-Go2 holds 20 pounds and the Plus holds 25 pounds.

The I-GO2 Traveler (16″L x 12″W x 15″H) and the Escort (14″L x 9″W x 19″H) can both be expanded an extra 3 inches by unzipping the sides.

The Sport, which only comes in a blue color, is the smallest of the four bags (12″L x 8″W x 17.5″H). The Plus is the largest of the carriers: 16″L x 13.5″W x 17.5″H).


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