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NEW! Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller

Gen7Pets is an innovative pet supplies company that is based out of eastern Pennsylvania. The experienced and dedicated design team created pet strollers that have Smart Features. These Smart Features make the pet strollers more convenient and easy to use for you, the owner, and more comfortable for your pet.G2340BO-2

The Smart Features on the Promenade Stroller are:

  • The canopy folds up underneath the canopy hood and can be secured with velcro. Many pet strollers have a canopy that opens into the pet compartment and gets in the way of the pet’s comfort and space. Gen7Pets has solved this problem.
  • The contoured stroller handle and 40 inch height create a comfortable position to push the stroller without kicking it. Many strollers do not have a high enough handle and you have to lean over, so as not to kick the stroller, if you choose to change your walking pace.
  • The Smart-Fold feature is a button on the stroller handle that allows you to easily fold it up. This stroller folds flat and locks for simple storage.
  • Smart-Basket is a large storage compartment underneath the stroller cabin that zips your items up safely.

Another feature that is smart to me is the front wheel that swivels or locks in place. When walking fast or running, it’s great to have the option to lock the wheel so the stroller can navigate over uneven road. For strolling or moderate pace walking, the swivel feature is key. This stroller is very popular because it can carry one pet or several smaller pets.G2340SG-1

It has windows in the front, top and the back, in addition to the full-view canopy. You can choose from the black onyx pattern, or a spring green. The pet cabin measures: 25″ long x 13″ wide x 21.5″ high and the cabin can hold a pet up to 50 pounds.

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