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Two Types of Pet Stroller Wheels

DoggyRide pet strollers have two types of wheels from which to choose. If your goal is to use a pet stroller for the purposes of walking or strolling with your pet, then a regular wheel will be suitable. If your plan is to jog or run with your pet in a stroller, including uneven terrain, then the best fit is a jogger-stroller wheel.

Stroller Wheel

The difference lies with the wheel aligner. The jogger-stroller wheel allows you to align the stationary position of the wheel in a straight line. Whether you are jogging with a pet or a child, movement inside the cabin can cause you to have to tilt the stroller to keep it moving straight ahead. The wheel alignment system of the DoggyRide Jogger-Stroller wheel will greatly minimize the need to tilt the stroller.

Jogger-Stroller Wheel
Jogger-Stroller Wheel

For light-duty use, it is not necessary to purchase a jogger-stroller wheel. However, if you have a larger pet that may switch positions inside the cabin during your ride, a jogger-stroller wheel will lead to a smoother ride.

Jogger-Stroller wheels are found on the Original and Novel Jogger-Strollers. Standard stroller wheels are found on the Novel and Original Strollers.