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Pet Strollers With A Removable Carrier

If you have a small dog, or a cat, it is very convenient to use a stroller to go to the vet, shopping, or traveling through the airport. You may also want to be able to remove the carrier from the stroller so you don’t have to take your pet out of the stroller.

Three options for pet strollers with a removable carrier include:

Pet Ego Sport Trike Stroller – This rugged three-wheeled stroller has three different carriers from which to choose: the Sport Wagon Bag, the Universal Sport Bag and the Infinita Carrier. All three bags are able to carry up to 20 pounds of pet. The stroller frame folds flat when not in use.


Pet Ego Quadro Stroller – This fashionable stroller will hold one or two Pod ILove carriers and a total of 15 pounds. The Pod ILove is a sturdy but soft carrier that will keep your pet safe and secure.


All of the KittyWalk pet strollers have removable carriers. KittyWalk makes strollers that hold smaller pets and then they have the larger SUV models that will carry up to 50 pounds. These strollers are sturdy, well-made and collapse for storage.




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KittyWalk Stroller Weather Cover

Kittywalk pet strollers are in a class of their own. Each of the pet strollers in their fleet has a removable carrier. The carriers do not have zippers, they have a metal and leather clasp system that they call “escape-proof.”  The stroller frames are sturdy but not too heavy. The carriers also function as a car seat. The soft mesh on the cabins give your pet perfect views of the outdoors. If your pet likes a little privacy, however, her/she can head to the rear of the stroller where it is covered.


Kittywalk also boasts an uncommon feature for some of their strollers, a weather cover. This is just not simply a weather cover, this is an all-season weather protector!

For rainy days, the waterproof rain cover will protect your pet. For sunny/hot days, the canvas sunshade awning is your solution. And for chilly fall and winter days, the cozy faux sheepskin cozy cover and pad will insulate your pet.

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