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How to Assemble the Gen7Pets Jogger

The newest pet stroller made by Gen7Pets is the Jogger. It is a robust vehicle, dressed in a rich red fabric, that is able to hold 75 pounds of pet. This could be one big dog or two smaller dogs. The cabin measures 26 inches long, which is plenty of room for two pets to ride comfortably.

This stroller is simple to assemble, it does not require any tools. One big difference between this dog jogging stroller and others is the EVA foam tires. Most jogging strollers have air-filled tires. For people who prefer not to mess around with using a bike pump, these “never flat” tires will be just right. The rear shock absorbers give the stroller a smooth ride.

When assembling the front wheel, be sure to align the small metal “tooth” on each side with the hole on each side of the fork. Then the knob needs to be tightened until the metal lever can be pulled down to essentially lock the wheel in place. Keeping the wheel is swivel mode is optimal unless you are running with the stroller, or traveling over uneven roads. In swivel mode, the stroller is very easy to steer.

The rear wheels fit easily onto the posts by squeezing the metal piece. Release the metal piece after the wheel is on and be sure it is on securely. The following video demonstrates how to assemble the Jogger.


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Double Pet Strollers

There aren’t many pet strollers out there that specifically are designed for two pets to ride separately, aside from the KittyWalk Double Decker. The Double Decker has two separate, removable carriers, each with a front and a back door. The doors are closed with durable metal clasps, not with zippers. This type of stroller is perfect for keeping two pets separated when they won’t play nice dbl

However, there are many pet strollers that have the capability to carry more than one pet at a time. First, pay attention to the cabin dimensions to determine whether your two or three pets will fit inside. Then make sure you adhere to the weight limit that each stroller can carry. If you have concerns about whether your pets may jump out of the stroller, then you should also pay attention to the number of tether clips available in the cabin. Some people don’t even use this feature, but if you think your pet might make a run for it, you may want to look into the number of tether clips. The PetZip Monogram and the PetZip Happy Trailer both have more than one tether clip.

The above mentioned strollers and many others are available at: