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Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller

In the past year, Gen7Pets has updated their popular Regal stroller and it is now called the Regal Plus. The newer version includes a parent tray on the handle. The Regal Plus comes in three patterns: Raspberry, Gray Shadow, and Starry Night. The Starry Night pattern is brand new!gen7pets-starry-night-regal-plus-stroller

The Gen7Pets company is well-known for their innovation in pet stroller features. The Regal Plus stroller has three of the “smart features” that makes their products easy to use: 

  • Smart-Canopy (after the canopy is unzipped, you are able to tuck in underneath instead of it hanging down)
  • Smart-Reach (38″ between the handle bar and the ground)
  • Smart-Basket (the storage basket underneath zips closed)

The Regal Plus stroller also has the following components that make it a product you want to own:

  • Rear Storage Pouch and Storage Pocket
  • Front Convertible Wheels
  • Front Wheel Shock Absorbers
  • Rear Wheel Brakes
  • Reversible, Machine-Washable Pad
  • Interior Safety Tether
  • Hidden Front Steel Bar (for a safe enclosure)
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Maximum Pet Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Interior Dimensions: 22″ long x 11″ wide x 21.5″ high
  • Stroller Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Overall Dimensions: 38″ long x 17″ wide x 38″ high
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Pets In Nursing Homes

pets in nursing homesThe benefits of owning a pet are well-known. Pets improve the quality of life for many humans. I’ve known plenty of people who prefer the company of dogs and cats over other humans! When we get older, this phenomenon potentially becomes even more evident; pets are good company, they give people a purpose, a sense of responsibility.

As your physical, and mental, capacity declines the need for nursing, or personal care home, placement becomes greater. It’s been the norm not to accept pets at these residences. Lately, however, may nursing facilities are allowing residents to bring their pets with them, or the facilities are adopting their own pets for community enjoyment. Animals that are taking up residence in nursing homes include dogs, cats, birds, ducks, fish, even miniature pigs. Giving up your residence is a signal to some that you are giving up your independence. Asking people to give up their beloved companions, often of many years, seems cruel. Kudos to all the facilities that encourage and adopt pets!


Often pets need to be in carriers or strollers when in public areas of nursing homes. Consider getting a pet stroller at


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Do Small Dogs Behave Badly?

frenchI had always been a medium, English Springer Spaniel, or large, Shepherd-Husky, dog owner until 6 years ago when we adopted our French Bulldog/Pug mix dogs.  With bigger dogs, it seemed natural that they would need to be trained to fit into the household. Larger dogs tend to potty train easily and it seemed as though they followed most rules without difficulty.

Our small dogs are another story. I think part of our problem was our perception, likely a misperception, that they didn’t need as much structure or activity because they were small. A trainer once told us that smaller dogs are more difficult to potty train because their view of the house is more vast and therefore there are more spaces to pee on. We tried to make their space in the house smaller so that they would be less likely to pee where they live. This did seem to work for one of the dogs, but the male still pees on the refrigerator and the dishwasher. While I agree that we have not been the most diligent of trainers, I do wonder if small dogs just have some disagreeable traits.

A recent study by Applied Animal Behavior Science looked at small dog behavior in relation to owner training, or lack of training. Researchers found that:

  • Small dogs are seen as less obedient, more aggressive and excitable
  • Small dogs are seen as more anxious and fearful
  • Small dog owners are more inconsistent in interactions with their dogs
  • Small dogs owners engage less in training and play activities than large dog owners
  • More consistent owner behavior with more frequent engagement in training and play resulted in better obedience in small dogs.


Choose a Pet Stroller or Pet Bike Basket from

Read more:


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Will My Pet Get Sunburn?

A sunburn on a cat or dog doesn’t seem likely to happen, but it is possible. Pets that have thin fur, light-colored fur, and sensitive areas like the nose, ears and around the mouth are at risk. Along the same lines, hot pavement may cause burns to paw pads and it’s wise to be cautious regarding how much exposure your pet has to pavement on a sunny and hot day.

sunburned mouth
sunburned mouth

Basically, it seems that awareness is called for and making sure your animal doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable on his walk or run in the sun. Shade-covered trails or roads are ideal, otherwise getting out before 10 or after 4 is a good idea.

There is sunscreen especially for pets, for example, GNC and Doggles each make a product. Sunscreen for humans may not be safe for animals, in case they should try to lick it off.

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Comparing 3 Pet Gear Strollers

Even though you have a small pet, you may still want a pet stroller that has extra room for your little buddy. Pet Gear makes a variety of strollers for small pets and it can be difficult to make a decision. We’ll look at three of them here: Happy Trails, Special Edition and the AT3.


Happy Trails

  • 4 color options: Sage, Blue, Pink and Brown
  • Holds 30 pounds; 24 inch long cabin
  • 4 small wheels; front wheels swivel
  • Easy to open and collapse
  • Mesh zippers all the way over the cabin
  • Comes in a No-Zip style; with a paw rest and a clasp front entry


Special Edition

  • Three colors to choose from: Blueberry, Raspberry and Sage
  • Holds up to 45 pounds with a 26 inch long cabin
  • Has 3 wheels and front wheel can lock or swivel
  • Easy to open and collapse
  • Mesh zippers all the way over the front of the cabin
  • Comes in a No-Zip style; with a paw rest and a clasp front entry


AT3 Jogger

  • 2 colors: Blue and Red
  • Holds up to 60 pounds; 30.5 inch long cabin
  • 12 inch wheels; EVA foam-filled
  • Three wheeled jogging stroller; front wheel can lock or swivel
  • Front and rear zippered entry


If you have a pet that weighs less than 30 pounds, you might be very happy with any of the three above strollers. Measure the length and shoulder height of your pet to help determine what size cabin would make him or her most comfortable.


Pet Gear strollers are available at

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Pick a Papillon to Be Your Prince

Originally from France, Papillon means “butterfly” and these dogs have fringe-like fur outlining their ears that looks like a butterfly. The Papillon is known to be an alert, happy, smart and dainty tea-cup dog, with long hair and a long, arching tail. These dogs are happy running around in a large space, but will also be perfectly happy living in a small apartment.

They are pleasant, loyal little dogs that aren’t shy, but also are not aggressive. The Papillon is also known as a Continental Toy Spaniel. They live 12-15 years, don’t have any major health concerns, and generally weigh between 3 and 12 pounds. A Papillon likes to exercise, but also loves to sit on your lap. They are perfectly portable, a great dog to take on your travels. If you choose to get this type of dog from a breeder, make sure they are reputable. There are also organizations who rescue Papillons and  Papillon mixed breeds.


There are a variety of Pet Strollers that are perfect for small dogs like the Papillon. More information can be found at:

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Pet Stroller Fabric

We see the words “Denier 600 fabric” on many of the dog and cat strollers on the market, but what does that mean?

Pet Gear Happy Trails

Denier, nylon and polyester, is a unit of measuring the weight of a thinly spun fiber.  It tells us how durable the material is, and also the fineness of natural and synthetic fiber filaments and yarns. The higher the Denier number the thicker and tighter the weave of the fabric, while a lower Denier indicates a finer, more loosely woven, fabric.

So if you were buying a neck scarf then you would look for a lower Denier number because loosely spun fibers tend to make the scarf softer to the touch. However, you might want an outdoor tent, or a piece of luggage with a higher Denier number because the tighter weave makes it more durable.

For pet strollers, a higher Denier number means the fabric can be  easily spot cleaned with a wet rag, and that it is more resistant to tears from pet claws. Dirty paw prints are likely to end up on the inside of your stroller compartment and it’s convenient to quickly wipe the stains after use.