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Who Needs a Pet Stroller?

Monaco Pet Stroller

You may need a pet stroller if:

  • Your dog or cat just had surgery and is not able to move around independently.
  • Your dog or cat loves the outdoors, but is elderly or medically fragile.
  • You travel a lot and pets are required to be in covered compartments.
  • You like to take your pet everywhere you go, shopping, restaurants, but not every place allows pets
  • You love to jog with your dogs, but one dog can run further than the other. carries a wide variety of pet strollers, bike trailers and wheeled carriers

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Stylish and Practical Pet Carrier

Traveling with your dog is a necessity for many people. And it’s much more fun to travel with your pet in a stylish pet carrier. Gen7Pets makes the Carry-Me pet carrier and the Deluxe Carry-Me carrier. Both come in three different colors and two sizes.

carry-me pet carrierThe large size will hold 20 pounds and measures 19.5″L x 9.5″ x 13″H on the inside. Your pet has two zippered doors, one in the front and one in the rear. It has an interior leash, for an added safety measure. The carrier will function as a car seat, a shoulder bag, or a tote. By placing the carry-me carrier on its side, it fits most airline on-board standards.

deluxe carry-me carrier


Find Gen7Pets products at

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Big Dogs in Strollers?

What? Who would ever think a big dog would need a stroller? After talking with many people at an animal shelter fundraiser this weekend, that was the question most often asked. So many people are active with their pets and/or avid exercisers that a pet stroller would never come up on the radar.

A big revelation for people was the bicycle trailer for pets. Long bike rides are hard on the paws of the dog that is running beside you. A bike trailer allows you to keep on riding and rest you weary dog. The same goes for the runners. Some dogs will run all day, but many need some rest. Whether overheated, irritated paw pads, or just plain old tired, a little riding is a blessing.

Doggyride makes the perfect stroller for the avid runner. The Original and Novel Jogger-Strollers have a wheel alignment system that keeps the stroller from veering to one side or the other. It is not difficult to calibrate and is very helpful if you have a dog that likes to change positions a lot!

Doggyride uses the same stable cabin for the pet bike trailers. With little effort, you attach the bike trailer to your rear wheel and load up.

 is your store for Doggyride

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A Dog’s Advice to People

small-dog-stockHave you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? I often look at my dogs who lie stretched out, snoring, on the couch and think, “what a life.” On days when I’m running around like a crazy person, driving kids here and there or stressing out about getting things done on time, I’m betting my dogs just think: “Slow down, it’s really okay.”


  • Relax a little! Dogs do give off the relaxation vibe that we would all truly benefit from if we tried it. Taking on tasks or challenges as they come, rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed.
  • Sleep some more. Wow, if we could only take as many naps as the dog!


  • Treat people with kindness. Your dog has unconditional love for you and is always happy to see you. We are often presented with situations and people who make us angry, but figuring out how to keep it all in perspective can be an art form!dogstogether


  • Give that person who scorned you a second chance. Don’t hold a grudge. Dogs have short-term memories, they are always willing to forgive and move on.


  • You are never too old to play. We don’t have that much time on this earth, so live it up!dog-playing-and-catching-a-frisbee-hd-animal-wallpaper-dogs

Check out for your pet stroller, pet bike trailer and wheeled pet carrier needs.




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NEW! Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller

Gen7Pets is an innovative pet supplies company that is based out of eastern Pennsylvania. The experienced and dedicated design team created pet strollers that have Smart Features. These Smart Features make the pet strollers more convenient and easy to use for you, the owner, and more comfortable for your pet.G2340BO-2

The Smart Features on the Promenade Stroller are:

  • The canopy folds up underneath the canopy hood and can be secured with velcro. Many pet strollers have a canopy that opens into the pet compartment and gets in the way of the pet’s comfort and space. Gen7Pets has solved this problem.
  • The contoured stroller handle and 40 inch height create a comfortable position to push the stroller without kicking it. Many strollers do not have a high enough handle and you have to lean over, so as not to kick the stroller, if you choose to change your walking pace.
  • The Smart-Fold feature is a button on the stroller handle that allows you to easily fold it up. This stroller folds flat and locks for simple storage.
  • Smart-Basket is a large storage compartment underneath the stroller cabin that zips your items up safely.

Another feature that is smart to me is the front wheel that swivels or locks in place. When walking fast or running, it’s great to have the option to lock the wheel so the stroller can navigate over uneven road. For strolling or moderate pace walking, the swivel feature is key. This stroller is very popular because it can carry one pet or several smaller pets.G2340SG-1

It has windows in the front, top and the back, in addition to the full-view canopy. You can choose from the black onyx pattern, or a spring green. The pet cabin measures: 25″ long x 13″ wide x 21.5″ high and the cabin can hold a pet up to 50 pounds.

This stroller and many others can be found at


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How Pets Can Reduce Loneliness

It is very common for people to experience periods of loneliness in life. Studies have shown that one-quarter of all adults experience painful loneliness every few weeks, and the incidence in adolescents and college students is even higher. Loneliness can be defined as:

  • Being alone and you don’t choose to be by yourself
  • Not having attachments that you may have had in the past
  • Finding yourself in an unfamiliar situation; like a new city or a new job
  • Feeling as though you have no one with which to share experiences or problems
  • Having a poor perception of yourself as not being capable of engaging in relationships with others


Clyde_The_BulldogFeeling lonely does not mean you have a flaw in your personality. It should not be viewed as a situation that cannot be changed. It is important to realize that you have some control over your level of loneliness.  Being socially connected is an important concept as it is central to a person’s overall sense of well-being. National studies have concluded that having a strong social connectedness (e.g. to a neighborhood or larger community) and healthy relationships, leads to a higher quality of life and a greater ability to contribute to the health of the community. Being socially isolated long-term can lead to mental and physical health problems.

Many people turn to pets when they feel lonely or isolated. Pets provide a sense of responsibility and purposefulness. Pets, especially dogs, encourage you to develop an exercise routine, which then leads to a greater chance of being social. Walking a dog invites other people to stop and pet your dog and then have a conversation with you. There is also a tremendous sense of comfort that comes with a pet relationship. Petting an animal has been proven to reduce stress levels in people, and to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Owning and taking care of a pet is one way to reduce feelings of loneliness.

Pet Strollers and Pet Bike Trailers can be found at

The full article can be found HERE


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The New PetZip Mochi Pet Stroller

New from PetZip! The Mochi is a fashionable dog stroller that has a removable carrier. The main stroller is beige and the carrier is either beige or pink with polka dots on the sides. It has a zippered front door and a sunroof that also zips. Both can be retracted and secured open. Your dog may prefer to poke his head out of the door or the window and can do this comfortably.Mochi Pet Stroller

The carrier has ample space for one dog or two dogs that weigh under 22 pounds. Dimensions of the compartment are: 23″L x 14″W x 15″H. The carrier has a shoulder strap that can be attached and used to transfer your pet into the car, or into the vet’s office.

The stroller frame has a parent tray with two cup holders and a large storage basket. It has eva tires with the front wheel able to turn 360 degrees. The Mochi stroller is simple to maneuver and get through narrow store aisles or through busy city streets.Mochi Pet Stroller

Stylish is an understatement when referring to this pet stroller. PetZip has a history of designing attractive, high quality dog and cat strollers.

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How to Get Your Dog to Like a Stroller

Some dogs leap right into strollers and car seats, while others are much more cautious.

My first suggestion is to open up the stroller, put the brake on, and set it in a room where your dog is likely to explore it. Be sure the brake is on so he’s not frightened by any movement. Let him sniff it, walk around it, look inside it and generally try to figure it out. You can place a chair next to it, so he can jump up and hopefully go inside the stroller. Strollers that have a lower point of entry are sometimes more inviting because they can just be unzipped.

Consider putting you dog’s bed inside the cabin of the stroller, a favorite toy and/or a small treat. When it seems like your dog is somewhat comfortable sitting inside the stroller, take him for a stroll around the room.

Allow your dog to investigate and get used to the stroller for a few days to a week. This is usually all it takes for your dog to like a stroller.


KittyWalk and many other stroller brands can be found at:

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Get Outdoors With Your Disabled Dog

Just like people, dogs are happy when they get to experience the freedom and freshness of the outdoors. Dogs get to run, find new scents, and feel the cool ground under their feet. What about if your dog is injured, like he has a broken leg, an injured tendon or a lacerated paw pad? Likewise, what if your dog is older and is less able to ambulate, or if he has hip dysplasia and too much activity is painful to him?

HoundAbout Pet Stroller

There is a solution for injured and older animals to still be able to enjoy those long walks of the past. If you have a small dog, then carrying him is an option, but after a while your arms and back begin to ache. A pet stroller is a great way for you to still get your exercise while your dog gets to check out the surroundings. There are strollers for people who enjoy jogging and strollers for just walking around. Air-filled tires ensure a smooth ride and swiveling wheels make maneuvering simple. Pet strollers have comfortable cabins with pads on which your dog can sit or lie down. They have zippered mesh openings for good visibility and ventilation. Some have adjustable canopies to shield your pet from the sun and wind. An internal tether clip keeps your pet from jumping out of the cabin. Pet strollers make it easy to get around busy city streets with your pet, and you don’t have to worry about his safety. They easily fold up and fit into the trunk of your car, or the bus or train.

Many people initially need a pet stroller temporarily, and then find their pet loves to ride in it even after their injury has healed! People are more likely to get outside and exercise when they know their pet is also benefiting from the trip.

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5 Items to Make Traveling with Your Pet Easier

Traveling with pets by car is so popular that cars like the Honda Element have a pet package available and are commended for their pet-friendly design! Keeping your car clean and your pet happy when traveling will make your journey hassle-free.

1. A spill-proof bowl. This is key. Pets need to stay hydrated during travel and this item will ensure that the water and food go into the animal, rather than onto the floor. Two examples of spill-proof bowls are:

Fly Dog Travel Bowl











2. A good chew toy is a must! The bully stick is a fantastic item to keep dogs busy for hours. They are available in multiple lengths and even come odor-free!

Bully Sticks

3. A multi-functional leash will allow your dog to have the run of the back seat, yet you won’t have to worry about him causing trouble. Kurgo makes a leash that is also a zip-line for the inside of the car. Great idea.

4. A booster seat helps the small dog see out the window. Companies like Solvit and Snoozer make comfortable seats that can be used with or without the car seat belt.

Solvit Tagalong
Snoozer Lookout Car Seat










5. A pet stroller will make it easier to navigate your final destination with your pet. A lightweight, easy to fold, fit in your trunk kind of stroller.

Kyjen Outward Hound











A large variety of Dog and Cat Strollers can be found at: