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Will My Pet Get Sunburn?

A sunburn on a cat or dog doesn’t seem likely to happen, but it is possible. Pets that have thin fur, light-colored fur, and sensitive areas like the nose, ears and around the mouth are at risk. Along the same lines, hot pavement may cause burns to paw pads and it’s wise to be cautious regarding how much exposure your pet has to pavement on a sunny and hot day.

sunburned mouth
sunburned mouth

Basically, it seems that awareness is called for and making sure your animal doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable on his walk or run in the sun. Shade-covered trails or roads are ideal, otherwise getting out before 10 or after 4 is a good idea.

There is sunscreen especially for pets, for example, GNC and Doggles each make a product. Sunscreen for humans may not be safe for animals, in case they should try to lick it off.

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