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Signs of Glaucoma in Dogs

Approximately 2% of the dogs in North America will be diagnosed with glaucoma. It is important to recognize the signs of glaucoma in your dog before it gets so severe that you dog becomes blind. glaucoma

Bloodshot eyes or enlarged pupils that don’t constrict in bright light might be a warning sign. Sometimes people mistake bloodshot eyes connected to glaucoma for the common infection, Conjunctivitis.

Pay attention to whether your dog looks like he might have impaired vision. Bumping into things, or being hesitant to go down steps or enter a new room, may be a sign that your dog is having trouble seeing.

Eye cloudiness is another concerning symptom of glaucoma. The milky white appearance over the eyes may be a fluid build-up within the tissue. Along the same lines is teariness in the eyes. Your dog may try to frequently scratch his eyes with his paws.

Dogs with healthy eyes produce a fluid that lubricates the eyeballs and help them maintain shape. Glaucoma interferes with this process and fluid begins to build up behind the eye, causing bulging.


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