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You Might Be a Crazy Pet Person if…

Ok, we all love our pets and I definitely find myself talking to my little dogs more than I should, but when have we gone overboard? I would have to say that this is completely subjective because what might be nutty to one, is perfectly normal to another, right?

Do you choose to talk to your dog or cat over talking to people? Hmm, this might be cause for concern, but maybe not.

Do you take your dog or cat everywhere you go because you’re afraid they’ll be too lonely at home? Nah, I just like the company.

Do you coordinate outfits for you and your pet? Well…

Do you have more pictures in your house of your pet than people? But they do so many cute things that are worthy of photos!

Do you spend more time fixing your pet’s meal than your own?

If your pet is sleeping on you, do you stay in an uncomfortable position so as not to wake him or her up?

Do you take your pet to get pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny?

Do you choose a tv show based on what you think your pet will like?

Do you leave the tv on while you’re at work to keep your pet company? Or do you just take your pet to camp for the day?

Do you choose vacations based on where you can take your pet?


About 60% of American households have a dog or a cat for a pet. We are the ones who recognize how much happiness a pet brings to the family. Why not give them the extra attention they deserve for their hard work at pleasing us?


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