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Cats In Strollers: We Just Wanna Have Fun!

Andy was an indoor-outdoor cat until something attacked him one day. Who knows what actually happened. It could have been a mouse-catching operation gone awry, or maybe he mistook a raccoon for the family dog he likes to taunt. He came in for some love and a meal that day and his face was bloody. He had a gash underneath his eye.

After several trips to the vet and several hundred dollars later, Andy was an indoor only cat. Like many cats, every time the door opens, he moves into stealth mode and tries to get out.  Mostly his efforts fail, but the humans tend to feel badly that he can no longer go hunting. A cat stroller is a viable alternative. He can’t prowl on land, but he does get to see and feel the outdoors like the good old days.

KittyWalk Systems designed strollers especially for cats. All of their stylish strollers have a 360 degree view. Andy likes the 5th Avenue Luxury stroller in blue, of course. The stroller is great for cruising the neighborhood and park. This is not a jogging stroller and shouldn’t be compared to one. The smaller, swivel wheels mean that the stroller is meant for mostly smooth terrain. Andy is not a cat that would appreciate an all out run, so a stroller for walking is just right for him. The sturdy, claw-proof mesh is an attractive feature. He can go in the front or the rear opening. At first, Andy spent a few days with the stroller sitting in the living room, so he could check it out. The cabin is removable from the frame so he can just pop into the stroller after a car ride to the park.

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3 Human Foods For Cats

Most cats are love to check out what you are eating. It seems they will eat almost anything in addition to their cat food. It is fun to give them a “special treat.” as it makes us feel happy that they might be happy. However, cats really only need the nourishment that comes from cat food. It is alright to give them human food treats, as long as it’s in moderation.


  1. Plain Yoghurt – It is not a good idea to give your cat flavored yoghurt because they are unable to digest the fructose sugar that is usually an ingredient.
  2. Cheese – Avoid soft cheeses, like Brie, but cats do love a good cheddar or even cottage cheese.
  3. Eggs – It’s not a good idea to give your cat a raw egg, but scrambled or hard-boiled is a tasty treat.

We all know that cats love fish, and canned tuna is a delicacy for them, but be careful not to give them too much fish. Fish is deficient in Vitamin E and cats could develop a condition called “yellow fat disease” if they eat too much human- food fish.


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3 Cool Kitty Characteristics


We love our cats, they are so entertaining, curious and busy! What makes them so special? Have you ever been licked by your kitty? They have barbs on their tongue and this is why their tongue is not very smooth and wet. The rear-facing protrusions help cats lap up water and snag the last morsel of food from the bowl. The barbs also help cats remove loose patches of fur or dead skin from their bodies.

Cats can right themselves when falling. This is a vestibular reflex that reportedly kicks in during a fall from one foot or higher. A 1987 study documented that cats were able to survive a fall from 7 stories high.

Cats have the largest eyes of any mammal relative to their size. Cats can see with only one-sixth of the amount of light humans can for two reasons: They have more rods in their retinas than we do, and they have a tapetum lucidum, which is a reflective layer of tissue at the back of the eye that creates that unusual glow at night.


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