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3 Creative Uses For Pet Hair

So much pet hair and so little time and energy to clean it all! Whether you brush your dog or pet your cat, pet hair seems to float around everywhere. There are several alternative uses for pet hair that will do some good for you around your home:

r shedding dog

  1. Put the fur around your plants. Pet hair contains a lot of nitrogen and helps to create thriving healthy plants. It does take a while for the nitrogen to be released, however, do don’t expect miracles in the first season. The fur also stops snails and slugs from munching on the leaves.
  2. Toss your pet hair in the compost pile. Again, it takes awhile for the fur to break down, but mixed with other organic material, it will add some healthy goodness to your plants.
  3. Leave small piles of pet fur outside, perhaps on top of or underneath shrubs. The birds will find it and use it to build their nests. This will certainly make the birds happy!

cat shedding

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