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Understanding 3 Dog Behaviors

Dog Behaviors

Dogs entertain us, they give us love and joy, and sometimes they do odd things. At least we humans think some things they do are odd. Like, why does my dog kick the grass after peeing? Why does my dog sit on my feet and lean on my legs? and Why does my dog shred the toilet paper?

  1. Dogs have glands in their feet that secrete hormones. Experts believe that dogs are spreading their scent in order to mark their territory when they kick the grass after going to the bathroom.
  2. Dogs aren’t able to tell us they love us, so they tend to show us. Sitting on our feet and leaning on our legs are one way that dogs like to show us affection. They don’t always realize that their weight is sometimes enough to tip us over!
  3. Shredding paper is definitely not an ideal behavior. In the wild, though, animals tear at their prey and this behavior is innate. Hopefully, you can find a more productive item for your dog to chew and tear up, like a bully stick.


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