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The Downside of Rawhide

All dogs like to chew, it’s a natural instinct. Owners like their dogs to chew, maybe not on their furniture or brand-new shoes, and keeping them busy with a chew toy is a good thing.rawhide-dog-chews

Rawhide bones are probably the most well-known chew toys for dogs. They come from the inner layer of cow or horse hides. The hides are cleaned, pressed and cut to form chewable size dog treats. Many offer a tasty flavoring. They can be long-lasting and aren’t as expensive as other chewy toys. They keep your dog’s teeth clean and their jaws strong.

For some dogs, rawhides can pose problems. Probably the most common of these problems is choking or blockage. Some dogs don’t take the time to chew up the bone little by little and they swallow large pieces. If the piece gets stuck, hopefully it is retrievable at the esophagus level. Otherwise the piece has to be  surgically removed.

Some dogs have sensitive digestive systems and get diarrhea from rawhide treats. You won’t know until you try it whether this is the case for your dog!

Even though rawhide treats are cleaned during manufacturing, sometimes there is bacteria that exists that might make your dog sick.

It is wise to pay attention to your dog while he’s eating a rawhide to make sure he doesn’t try to swallow a large piece. It also may not be a good idea to give your dog multiple rawhides in one day. Let him chew up one and be sure he doesn’t have any problems.

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