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Walking More Than One Dog

Whether you have more than one dog, or take care of someone else’s, walking multiple dogs can be challenging. If you have two or three smaller dogs, the leash connecter allowing you to use just one leash makes the job easier. The problems lie in walking dogs of different sizes, with the smaller dogs obviously not being able to go the same distance as the bigger dogs.45-dog-walker-leash-DT-425km071411

For example, if you have a Lab who likes to run 5 miles, but also a Yorkie who simply can’t even walk that far, what do you do? Some people actually carry the small dog while letting the bigger dog get in his exercise. Others enlist the service of a pet stroller, and the last option is to leave the small dog at home.

A pet stroller is a simple solution to make sure the smaller dog doesn’t feel left out. Perhaps you have three dogs of similar size, but one just doesn’t feel like going the distance that day. A pet stroller gives that pup a rest while his buddies carry and stroller


One thing to keep in mind when choosing a pet stroller for walking multiple dogs is the wheel size of the stroller. Larger wheels are a better choice because the stroller will be easier to control with other walking dogs at your side. If possible, choosing a pet stroller with one center wheel may also make steering the stroller easier. Good examples of strollers with one center wheel are the Pet Gear No-Zip NV and Special Edition strollers.

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