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To Zip Or Not To Zip

Many people ask me what the big deal is about zipping or not zipping up a pet stroller. There are people who feel that their pet is more secure in a stroller with a zipper that runs from side to side. However, there are also people who want to be able to hold their pet in one hand and open the stroller cabin with the other. I truly think you can do this with a Zip or a No- Zip stroller, but it comes down to preference. Your pet is safe in either type of stroller. Each is also equipped with at least one safety leash inside the cabin.

The No-Zip strollers have a locking clasp that connects the stroller canopy to the cabin. The cabins in the No-Zip stroller have an elevated paw rest that has a hidden metal bar around the rim. Many pets enjoy putting their paws up on the cabin frame to let the wind blow in their faces. The stroller with zippers can either have the same type of cabin with the elevated paw rest, or the zippered mesh comes all the way down to the bottom of the cabin.

The Gen7Pets Jogger is an example of a zippered stroller with a cabin that has a paw rest.

Gen7Pets Jogger

The Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger is an example of a clasp closing stroller:



The PetZip Happy Trailer is an example of a zipping stroller that does not have a paw rest:



So, it is really it is for you to decide which style would suit you and your pet the best! carries the above pet strollers and  many more!


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